What is enrich360?

  |   About enrich360

enrich360 is a program designed to save our soil, remove food waste from landfill and provide us with more nutritious tastier food.

This is how it works:

Restaurants convert their food waster into nutrient rich organic fertiliser by the use of certified dehydration machines.

Certified distributors collect their fertiliser and give it back to their farmers stopping the food waste from going into landfill and putting it to good use. This reduces the methane that destroys our Ozone layer.

The Farmers grow better, more nutritious produce whilst helping to stop soil degradation and so the cycle begins.

The more you support the participating food establishments, the more support the farmers get. With enrich360 fertiliser the more we are enriched.

  • enrich360 fertiliser helps stop soil degradation.
  • enrich360 fertiliser helps stop landfill.
  • enrich360 fertiliser helps produce more nutritious tastier food