enrich360™ dehydrator now available

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enrich360™ are pleased to announce our new range of food waste dehydrators are now available. 


Manufactured in South Korea, world leaders in this technology, the enrich360™ food waste dehydrator range included daily capacities from 100 kg to 1.1 tonne. Fully stainless steel construction for long lasting and robust performance.




Food waste is placed inside the enrich360™ food dehydrator where it goes through a fully automatic process of dehydration, sterilisation and volume reduction.  No additives are required – no water, no sawdust, no enzymes.  The equipment requires only the input of electrical power (or gas) for motors and heat energy.


Food waste is simply loaded and the process thereafter is automatic and takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete. At the end of the process, the machine is emptied completely and is immediately ready to receive the next load. The enrich360™ machine can be loaded and run seven days a week – no need for any “lay days” with this process.  Everything goes in; meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, coffee grinds, flower displays. The entire procedure happens in a closed reactor chamber so that odour issues are non-existent.


The product from this system is utilised as a directly-applied soil amendment, a pelletised fertiliser or as a compost enhancer. Instead of the greenhouse gases and leachate that would be generated in landfill, the food waste we treat is being converted into a fantastic, sustainable resource.


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