about enrich360™

enrich360™ is a program designed to save our soil, remove food waste from landfill and provide us with more nutritious tastier food.

This is how it works:

Restaurants convert their food waste into nutrient rich organic fertiliser by the use of certified dehydration machines.

Certified distributors collect their fertiliser and give it back to their farmers stopping the food waste from going into landfill and putting it to good use. This reduces the methane that destroys our Ozone layer.

The Farmers grow better, more nutritious produce whilst helping to stop soil degradation and so the cycle begins.

The more you support the participating food establishments, the more support the farmers get with enrich360 fertiliser the more we are enriched.

enrich360 fertiliser helps stop soil degradation.

enrich360 fertiliser helps stop landfill.

enrich360™ fertiliser helps produce more nutritious tastier food

the enrich360™ program:

enrich360™ certification

enrich360 offers certification to those organisations and individuals demonstrating compliance with the enrich360 Program and enrich360 principles and standards in their operations as assessed in the enrich360 accreditation process.

enrich360 categories: Producer (Farm); Product Distributor; Retailer – Red; Retailer – Gold; Technology/Machinery; IT Traceability Provider; Waste Logistics; Composter; Waste Processor; or other categories as agreed.

enrich360™ waste logistics

enrich360 works with a national distribution chain that gets the enrich360 certified produce to the restaurants, collects food waste converted to biomass which is a component of enrich360 certified fertiliser which is then returned  to the enrich360 certified farms ensuring the cycle continues.

Wherever we can we use available return capacity in our logistics partners operations, instead of running specific vehicles, to reduce our impact on the environment further.

enrich360™ food waste dehydrators

enrich360 offers a range of high quality food waste dehydrators, including full installation and ongoing servicing.  Capacity range from 100 kg to 1 tonne of food waste per day.

In these machines food waste goes through a fully automatic process of dehydration, sterilisation and volume reduction. No additives are required – no water, no sawdust, no enzymes. The equipment requires only the input of electrical power (or gas) for motors and heat energy.

The enrich360 app

enrich360 app is coming soon.  Find participating restaurants and food businesses and make the choice to ‘save our soil’ as you dine.

enrich360 Fertiliser

enrich360 fertiliser products will be available soon.  Watch out for certified stockists – coming soon.

enrich360 Certified Produce

enrich360 certified farms and distributors coming soon.  If you’re a chef, you want the best ingredients for your creations.  If you want more nutritious, better tasting produce then watch this space.


"33 percent of soil is moderately to highly degraded due to erosion, loss of soil organic matter, nutrient depletion, acidification, salinization, compaction and chemical pollution. However, sustainable management and careful farming techniques can reverse the trend of soil degradation and ensure current and future global food security."

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

"When it comes to the environment we all know that it needs to be helped but it's often hard to know how to really make a difference. To me eating at an enrich 360 certified restaurant is a simple and effective way to do something that works."

Greg Mannock