About enrich360

enrich360 is a program designed to save our soil, remove food waste from landfill and provide us with more nutritious tastier food.

This is how it works:

Restaurants convert their food waste into nutrient rich organic fertiliser by the use of certified dehydration machines.

Certified distributors collect their fertiliser and give it back to their farmers stopping the food waste from going into landfill and putting it to good use. This reduces the methane that destroys our Ozone layer.

The Farmers grow better, more nutritious produce whilst helping to stop soil degradation and so the cycle begins.

The more you support the participating food establishments, the more support the farmers get with enrich360 fertiliser the more we are enriched.

  • enrich360 fertiliser helps stop soil degradation.
  • enrich360 fertiliser helps stop landfill.
  • enrich360 fertiliser helps produce more nutritious tastier food

Reduce Soil Degradation

When crops are taken from the farms to create the food we eat the nutrients that were absorbed to grow the crops are taken with them. Normally this results in the need for chemicals to be used by farmers to fertilise the next year’s crops and to give the soil back what has been taken out. Over time though this has caused our soils to degrade and not be as fertile as they once were. enrich360 helps to reverse this cycle by returning to the farms the nutrients remaining in our food waste. The food waste is turned into fertiliser by certified enrich360 restaurants and returned to enrich360 certified farms to give back the nutrients that were removed from the soil and the cycle continues.

Reduce Landfill

Each year about 1.2 trillion kilograms of waste goes into landfill around the planet and about half of that is food waste. Not only that, the food waste breaks down and adds to the creation of methane which works to destroy our Ozone layer, affecting global warming. enrich360 helps reduce the food waste going to landfill by turning the food waste created by certified restaurants into fertiliser which when taken back to enrich360 certified farms is used to feed the next year’s crops and the cycle continues.


Tastier & More Nutritious Food

When it comes to growing commercial crops for our food, farmers have turned to chemical fertilisers as a way to produce enough food for our needs. When it comes to tastier more nutritious food though, we should look no further than the way nature intended us to eat our food. In nature when a plant dies, it decomposes and the nutrients from the plant are returned to the soil and act as a fertiliser to new plants that grow in the same place and the cycle continues. enrich360 helps to create tastier and more nutritious food by returning the food waste to the farmers so they can use it to fertilise their crops rather than by using chemical alternatives and the cycle continues.

"When it comes to the environment we all know that it needs to be helped but it's often hard to know how to really make a difference. To me eating at an enrich 360 certified restaurant is a simple and effective way to do something that works."

Greg Mannock

"It's good for the environment and easy to use. I will definitely be buying from an enrich 360 certified restaurant when I can."

Irene Chen