Food waste is the largest waste issue facing the world, with the cost of landfill and environmental impact being the key concerns.

Each year billions of kilograms of food waste are sent to landfill around the planet, robbing the soil of precious nutrients which are then replaced with chemical fertilisers that reduce the taste and nutritional value of the food we eat.

In 2017, the Australian Government launched its National Food Waste Strategy. The strategy provides a framework to support collective action towards halving Australia’s food waste by 2030 and aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 on food loss and waste.

enrich360’s innovative solution directly supports this strategy and adopts the circular economy approach that underpins the model waste hierarchy. It seeks to recycle unavoidable food waste into a resource, diverting it from landfill back to the soil.



enrich360 was founded in 2015 by Bill Kollatos, a passionate Australian food industry leader who had seen first hand the growing challenge of food waste for the hospitality and food service sector.

Bill as CEO of In2food, one of Australia’s largest fresh produce distribution companies, built on strong relationships with growers and food service outlets across Australia, seized the opportunity to galvanise those partners to lead the fight against food waste.

Committing to a more sustainable future, Bill embarked on a journey to tackle the food waste problem by engaging in the circular economy – where everyone can benefit from recovering resources, reducing landfill and replenishing farmed soil with the nutrient-rich organic fertiliser.

Approved by the ACCC, enrich360 is a unique program made up of certified members who share Bill’s vision and commitment to food waste recycling and work together to turn an everyday problem into a game-changing solution.


Divert unavoidable food waste from landfill

Over 55 tonnes of food waste is diverted from landfill each year through the enrich360 program.

Reducing carbon emissions

enrich360 reduces emissions by reducing food waste volumes by up to 93% and utilising reverse logistics, helping to positively impact climate change.

Produce a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser

For all growing settings, the enrich360® dehydrator product is a sterile pathogen-free fertiliser with 94% organic matter content.

Generate reusable greenwater

The enrich360® dehydrator generates 75l of reusable greenwater per 100kg of food waste for use within your business.

Reduce greenhouse gases

Diverting your food waste from landfill with enrich360 prevents over 2.8 tonnes of methane gas being released per tonne of food waste.

Be a part of our Circular Community

Approved by the ACCC, the enrich360 food recycling program creates a Circular Community that supports a more sustainable food industry aligned with the enrich360 standards.


Founder and Director

Bill created the enrich360 concept back in 2016 and, five years later, Bill’s vision continues to evolve as enrich360 expands its reach and scope.

He previously founded Yarra Valley Farms, a produce distribution business which has now become In2food Australia, and where he currently holds the role of CEO.

Bill has a Master of Business Administration from AGSM at UNSW and maintains a watchful and influential role in the continued success of the enrich360 business.

National Operations Manager

Tim leads the operations and logistics of enrich360 including R&M, collections and client relations.

Previously the Kitchen Manager at enrich360’s very first site at IKEA Richmond in 2018, Tim combines his first-hand product experience with an extensive background in the hospitality and food retail sector, which also includes roles with hotels, cafés and Aldi supermarkets.

Tim has a Diploma in Business Administration and Management and has continued to be a passionate champion and supporter of enrich360 since joining the team in 2020.