enrich360 is delighted to welcome IKEA’s Richmond store in Melbourne to the enrich360 Circular Community.

IKEA is one of the first big food companies to join the enrich360 program, closing the loop between their food waste and their suppliers

How does it work?
Food waste from the IKEA Cafe and Restaurant is collected and put into the enrich360® dehydrator which turns the leftover food into 93% volume reduced nutrient rich biomass and pure water. The biomass is collected by the enrich360 team and ends up used by the IKEA fruit and vegetable suppliers as fertiliser for their farms. It is used to help their soil grow better more nutritious produce. The more people eat at IKEA Richmond, the more local farmers benefit and the better things get for everyone. All this stops food waste going to landfill where it would have produced methane gas which is over 20 times more dangerous to the ozone layer CO2, and leachates which damage the soil and groundwater.

IKEA say,”Our world is changing rapidly, but we are optimistic about the future. We believe that over time more and more people can and will have a better everyday life. To make this a reality requires bold ambitions and commitments to urgent actions. It also means working together to tackle the big challenges we cannot solve alone.  People everywhere are searching for solutions for a healthier and more sustainable life. We want to inspire and enable as many people as possible to live more sustainability and to make it easy and affordable. We’ll also do our part by transforming the way we work to become circular and climate positive and to have a positive social impact wherever we are in the world.”