enrich360® partners

With a program the size and scope of enrich360 it takes more than one person or even one company to make it happen.

The enrich360 program has four types of partners:

from the restaurants, to the farmers, to the fruit and vegetable distributor and most importantly you.

enrich360® certified restaurants

enrich360® member/certified restaurants convert their food waste into nutrient rich fertiliser by the use of certified dehydration machines so that it can be returned to the farmer. Look for the enrich360® logo at your favorite restaurant. If it’s not there ask them when they are going to become enrich360® certified.

enrich360® certified farms

enrich360® certified farmers use enrich360® fertiliser to feed their cops and grow more nutritious, tastier food so that the cycle can occur again,  reducing soil degradation whilst reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill which reduces greenhouse gases.


Without You enrich360® doesn’t work. Your job is simple, look for restaurants or cafes that display the enrich360® logo. When you see it you’ll know that the restaurant or cafe is a certified enrich360® partner. If your favourite restaurant doesn’t have the enrich360® certification ask them to find out about it. Otherwise if you’ve got the choice between eating at a restaurant with the enrich360® certification or one without we encourage you to help the environment by choosing the enrich360® certified option.

enrich360 logistics

enrich360 works with a national distribution chain that gets the enrich360 certified produce to the restaurants, collects food waste converted to biomass and then returns the enrich360 certified fertiliser to the farmers ensuring the cycle continues.

"33 percent of soil is moderately to highly degraded due to erosion, loss of soil organic matter, nutrient depletion, acidification, salinization, compaction and chemical pollution. However, sustainable management and careful farming techniques can reverse the trend of soil degradation and ensure current and future global food security."

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

"When it comes to the environment we all know that it needs to be helped but it's often hard to know how to really make a difference. To me eating at an enrich 360 certified restaurant is a simple and effective way to do something that works."

Greg Mannock

"It's good for the environment and easy to use. I will definitely be buying from an enrich 360 certified restaurant when I can."

Irene Chen