The Food Waste Hierarchy

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The enrich360™ Food Waste Hierarchy encourges restaurants to reduce wastage and donate useable food to food charities leaving just residual waste.


Restaurants can now have their residual food waste volume reduced onsite by up to 93% using enrich360™ food waste dehydrators!  Dehydrate from 22kg to 1.1 tonne per batch, leaving 7-10% residual biomass, which doesn’t smell or attract vermin or bugs.


The enrich360™ dehydration prcess also creates reusable water of around 75 litres per 100kg of food waste.  enrich360™ residual biomass is sterile and pathogen free; suitable for use suitable for use as a fertiliser or additive to compost.  enrich360™en fertilser and compost helps reduce soil degredation and helps grow better more nutritious produce.  The real win is saving 2.8 tonnes of methane gas from been released from the food waste if it was sent to landfill.


We collect the biomass/fertiliser from your establishment and get it back our farmers to enrich their soil.